[jdom-interest] Trying to use jdom with TagSoup

eric at shipek.com eric at shipek.com
Tue Dec 30 12:02:32 PST 2003

I also posted this to comp.lang.java.programmer and at
www.javaworld.com, but I thought you guys might know
best on this one:

I'm trying to convert html pages to xml and I'm having
some difficulty
with the folowing:

1.  I try to use Tidy but the html that I'm trying to
convert to xhtml
has too many errors and so I spend a lot of time trying
to "fix" the
html before running it through Tidy. I'm using Tidy
with -asxml

2.  I've tried using TagSoup with JDOM but the
SAXBuilder internally
tries to set the namespace prefixes and TagSoup does
not support that
internal feature.

I really would appreciate help from someone who has
delt with having
to crank out lots of xml(xhtml) from poorly formatted
html.  I appreciate
any help! ;)


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