[jdom-interest] Element rePARENTing, reset root Element

Andreas Riedel riedelandreas at yahoo.de
Fri Dec 19 06:24:31 PST 2003

Hello List.

I have some problem with the Element object.

I read a XML file from the file system with the
SaxBuilder.build method. From the Document I get a
special Element. These Element I want to put as child
to another Element to store this into another XML

The problem is, that the Element I got from the file
has a parent. If I want to add this Element to the
other Element I became an exception from the JDOM,
that this element could not be add, because it already
has another parent. Thats right. Of course it has
parent. But I want the switch the parent. The method
setParent is protectd in the Element class.

So, can anybody tell me, how to add an existing
Element with setted parent to another Element. I find
that this is no unusual and there have to be another
way instead of recreate all elements a clone the
content by calling all getter and setter.

TIA and merry christmas and a happy new year

Andreas Riedel


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