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Cassio Prazeres cassio.prazeres at ig.com.br
Wed Aug 27 13:50:07 PDT 2003

Sorry about duplicates.

I can create a JDOM element passing a content text?


I want create a element <body> whith the content:

<p>The advent of the Web as a new publishing media where news may be presented as a multimedia and interactive document and the digitalization of content are imposing changes in the current models for producing journalistic content.</p>
<p>These changes look for a rationalization in the way journalists compose their material (possibly a multimedia document), mainly when the same news must be presented trough different communication media and be available for retrieving by tools oriented by metadata, markup and hyperlinks established over contents.</p>
<p>The aims of this paper are to present and to discuss some problems and solutions related to the authoring of hypermedia/multimedia news. Issues like multimedia news content production (Multimedia Journalism), news content production for publishing in multiple media (Journalism for Multiple Media), preserving semantic of news content and establishing hyperlinks among news are discussed in the paper.</p>
<p>A model to represent and manage news, based on markup languages, is presented, together with a tool designed to minimize possible resistance journalists may offer to these changes.</p>

i try:
    String s = [text above]
    Element root = new Element("body");
    document = new Document();

the tags <p> need to be elements too. The code above dont work. Anybody have a suggestion???

Thanks and sorry about my wrong English.
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