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Jason Hunter jhunter at
Wed Aug 27 13:41:24 PDT 2003

It's noted on and it's 
available on the distribution page.  I agree we haven't made a big fuss 
about it.  Perhaps we should.

It's real easy to get something added there.  Write something at least 
semi-interesting that conforms to the jdom-contrib style and we'll check 
it in or, if it's ongoing, we'll give you checkin access.


Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM wrote:

> Thanks, it seems a fairly well hidden feature.
> Where do I find the javadocs for contrib so I can see what is in there.
> Other than connecting to the cvs (which I have done) there seems to be no
> mention
> of contrib anywhere else. Coming from the commercial world I (like many
> others?)
> tend to "load the jar's and read the docs".
> If I have something for contrib what is the process for getting it
> "approved" and
> put into the contrib module.
> regards,
> Jason Wrote >>
>>Hi Phill,
>>We have a jdom-contrib module explicitly designed for things that aren't
>>really proper in the core but are cool in support of JDOM.  You can
>>check it out via CVS and it's available as jdom-contrib-b9 in the
>>distribution directories.  I added that early on because I agree with
>>you there's lots of good extensions to every product that don't always
>>belong in the product itself.
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