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Some of us would disagree (see Jason's earlier comment). I process computer
generated files with many thousands of elements. They don't have parsing
errors so why would I want a larger and slower application. And if it
should give me an error it would be on line 1 as he files don't have line
breaks (more waste of space).

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Paul Cantrell wrote:
> To the JDOM developers: This seems like it would be a really useful
> feature for JDOM to support, and it looks like something you could do
> fairly generically, without compromising JDOM's design.  If you have a
> feature request tracking system, well, consider this a request.

In general, the weakest link in existing xml tools is the
inability to identify exactly what went wrong in terms
the user can immediately fix. XSL, SVG, OWL, EBXML,
MATHML, etc., are particularly odious offenders.

Four bytes of memory per element would be a trivial price
to pay for knowing which line of which file has which problem.
I think it would actually be more bytes, but it would be
great for JDOM to offer the ability to tell the user
exactly what went wrong, and why, and where.

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