[jdom-interest] Processing SOAP Document

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Aug 13 07:23:02 PDT 2003

>>>>  "Koller, Shmuel" <Shmuel_Koller at bmc.com> 7/24/2003 2:36:29 PM >>>
>In processing a SOAP response inside SOAP client with JDOM -
>I have at hand a org.jdom.Document which is a whole SoapEnvelope..
>Rather than query for rootElement("Envelope"),
>then getting to expected getChild("Body"), etc. -
>is there a more convenient JDOM way to traverse a SOAP document ?
>What I mean - is there a way to superimpose SoapEnvelope model on a
>and for example use a JDOM method to "get to the SOAP Body"?
>Or use a JDOM method (other than validation) to confirm Document is a
>SOAP release x.x  ?

XPath would do this quite neatly.

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