[jdom-interest] Licensing woes

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Wed Sep 11 15:26:31 PDT 2002

The license is in LICENSE.txt in the distribution and at the top of
every source file.  It's fairly easy to read and allows you do most
anything except use the name JDOM for a derivative or sue us if things
don't work.  :-)


Tushar Shekhar wrote:
> Hello People
> I am a new entrant to the group. I have developed something using the
> jdom beta 7.I want to make it into a product. Could someone please
> tell me what to and how to do for the licensing and all. I followed
> the licensing links from the JDom.org, but it does not seem to make a
> head or tail out of anything..
> Thanks in Tons to anyone who alleviates this bewilderment of mine..
> Tushar
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