[jdom-interest] Turning of entity expansion

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Sep 4 05:53:50 PDT 2002

At 7:21 AM +0100 9/4/02, ion wrote:
>Here is an example, consider the following simple program:

This is helpful. Thanks! As I suspected, you're trying to shoot 
yourself in the foot. The first problem is this line:

>       body.addContent(new Element("p").setText("" © blah blah"));

It should read:

       body.addContent(new Element("p").setText("\" \u00A9 blah blah"));

In Java String literals you have to use Java escaping, not XML 
escaping. JDOM will convert whatever String you give it to XML text 
and escape it as necessary on output.

>How can I output an amphersand verbatim?

You absolutely cannot because this would be malformed XML. JDOM does 
not let you create malformed XML, nor should you want to.


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