[jdom-interest] Turning of entity expansion

ion vnhu38f93 at subdimension.com
Tue Sep 3 23:31:38 PDT 2002

> No screwed. Again, it simply does not matter whether entity
> references or the actual characters or CDATA sections or character
> references are used.

It seems to have come down to not being able to output the amphersand
character verbatim, am I missing something obvious here or is this not
possible in JDOM?

> would consider these bugs in JDOM.) However, I doubt you've run
> across any of these weird cases. If you have, please demonstrate the
> code that makes JDOM output malformed XML so we can fix the bug. But
> I think your problem is that you have an incorrect understanding of
> XML. Your problem lies with XML, not with JDOMM.

This is probably true to a certain extent, reading the XML spec is on
my todo list...

> There is a way, in fact they're a couple, but they're really
> complicated; and trust me, you really don't want to do that. If you
> can convince me you have a real use case for this, I'll show you how;
> but I really think right now showing you would do you more harm than
> good.

This is just begging me to go and find out how to do it ;)

> JDOM supports these fully on input and as necessary on output. If
> you're not seeing them, it's because they're not necessary in your
> documents. JDOM is preventing you from shooting yourself in the foot.

It still outputs &amp instead of & even if the encoding is ASCII

> Convince me you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot, and I'll
> tell you how to turn the safety off, but right now it sounds to me
> like you're just itching to shoot your foot off. :-)

Sometimes it is necessary to go backwards in order to move forwards
but this is no philosophy discussion ;)

This is pretty similar to the other post I just posted and it seems as
though the
problem has been boiled down to XMLOutputter outputting amphersands
as & and/or SAX or DOM expanding my character entities (of which I
have not yet looked into the control of).



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