[jdom-interest] Turning of entity expansion

ion vnhu38f93 at subdimension.com
Tue Sep 3 12:56:21 PDT 2002

How am I supposed to create my XHTML documents then?
There should at least be the OPTION to leave text verbatim?, for instance
what if you use CDATA, you'd be screwed then, not that I do however,
I always use entities (if " is an entity ;)).

There MUST be a way, surely, just a way to let certain text go out verbatim
because otherwise JDOM would be generating non-XML compliant documents
which would be pretty crap for an XSLT tool, XML generator, or whatever
description you think it should have.

Ok, so is there any way I can make JDOM output the sequence:


to an XML document???

if not then where is it's support for XML unicode character references



What WOULD be "good for me" with pertinence to this question?


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> At 3:05 PM +0100 9/3/02, ion wrote:
> >I am parsing a XHTML file and there is a line like this:
> >
> ><p><i>&#169; 2002Blah blah blah</i></p>
> >
> There are no entity references in this element. There are character
> references. They are not the same thing.
> >When I have done a couple of mods to the file I output
> >it to another file.
> >
> >When I look at the output my Unicode reference has been
> >changed into the actual character, which I do not want, I want
> >this line to be output verbatim.
> You can't have that, and IYKWWGFY (*), you wouldn't want that.
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