[jdom-interest] jdom and fop

Malachi de AElfweald malachi at tremerechantry.com
Wed Oct 30 22:49:43 PST 2002

Hmmm. Perhaps this is being used backwards? Looking at the JDOM
classes, the JDOMSource contains the setInputSource and getInputSource
methods... JDOMResult does not contain a getInputSource...

I have not done it myself, but try this:

pdfDriver.setInputSource( (new JDOMSource(doc)).getInputSource() );


10/30/2002 8:40:22 PM, <pdlnhrd at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> I can't seem to find the API for the FO stuff....
>> what are the allowed parameters for setInputSource?
>this is the documentation that I have been using, but at closer look
>it is for version 0.18.1-DEV, but can't find the docs for the version
>I am using .20.4.
>but from those docs it says that 
>public void setInputSource(org.xml.sax.InputSource source)Set the
>source for the FO document. This can be a normal SAX InputSource, or
>an DocumentInputSource containing a DOM document.
>See Also: 
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