[jdom-interest] [ann] TestMaker 3.0 (final) now available for download

Frank Cohen fcohen at pushtotest.com
Thu Oct 24 08:00:48 PDT 2002

TestMaker 3.0 went through an extensive "beta" testing period and is now final. Download the free software at: http://www.pushtotest.com/ptt.

TestMaker 3.0 is a framework for building intelligent test agents to check Web Services for scalability, performance and functionality. TestMaker is distributed under a free Apache-style open-source license. The software comes with JDOM, the Jython scripting language, an extensible Test Object Oriented Library (TOOL) of protocol handlers for HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, and a graphical environment for creating, editing and running test agents.

Here are details on the changes that went into TestMaker 3.0 (final):

It's done! TestMaker 3.0 (final) is now available for free download. TestMaker is a very good utility for testing Java servlets. We pushed the product out the door thanks to the efforts of many contributors. The PushToTest site is fully updated, including the
http://docs.pushtotest.com site and the FAQ.

- TestMaker 3.0 has these improvements over the prior "beta" testing
Now supports HTTP Basic authentication in SOAPProtocol

- The TestMaker launcher (testmakerhome/testmaker/bin/runtm.exe) for Windows
checks the version of Java and displays a reminder alert message to use Java
1.4 or higher. The launcher may now skip this check when you include
the -nocheck tag in the /testmakerhome/testmaker/bin/ide.cfg file. No such
check exists in the Unix launcher (runtm.sh.)

- The Agents directory is mounted and displayed in the Explorer window by

- SimpleSearchLink now takes two new configuration parameters:
casesensitive: if "true" performs a case sensitive search. Defaults to
retaincase: if "true" result is returned in "native" case of
Response.getContent. The current behavior is change to all lowercase.
Defaults to false.

- New Agent Wizard for HTTP and SOAP/WSDL services changed. The SOAP/WSDL
wizard creates a more concise skeleton agent script. The HTTP wizard fixes a
problem with recognizing complex forms. This also fixes a problem where the
SOAP/WSDL wizard would throw a NullPointer exception.

- The SOAPProtocol.getDateTime() method had a bug that returned false time
information. The HTTPProtocol object now had the same bug
that is now fixed. Also the JavaDoc on the Response object is updated to
reflect the real meanings for getTotalTime(), getDataTime(), getSetupTime().

- A bug in the SOAPProtocol object prevented support of cookies over HTTP
transports when using SOAP document-style calls.

- The TestMaker Tutorial reflects the latest edition of sample test agents
that come with TestMaker.

- Update the FAQ to remove the what-is-missing question. These items are now

- Update all the doc headers to indicate TestMaker 3.0, Published on October
21, 2002.

- jNumeric is now part of TestMaker. jNumeric provides the functions of Numeric to TestMaker. Numeric is a collection of extension modules to provide high-performance
multidimensional numeric arrays to the Python programming language. JNumeric
provides the same functionality as the core of Numeric module and aims to
provide all of the standard extensions to Numeric modules (FFT,
LinearAlgebra, RandomArray). Details on jNumeric are found at


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