[jdom-interest] Memory problem

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Thu Oct 17 13:57:18 PDT 2002

> I've also seen this with the beta 8 release. I haven't checking into it
> in detail, but I thought it was discussed earlier and fixed in the CVS.
> At least, that's what I'm hoping...

Marcus, try the latest in CVS.

> Are there plans for a beta 9 soon? 

Would be nice, but I'm absolutely swamped on other activities.  I can't
promise anything.  Volunteers to help pick up slack most welcome.

> Perhaps JDOM should go to a more
> formal approach for this release, with a defined release candidate and
> only bug fixes allowed between the RC and actual beta. If people had a
> couple of days to test the RC it'd help prevent major flaws in the beta.

I'm a big fan of building release candidates and letting them soak for a
week or so before going beta.  I recall this b8 performance issue
actually snuck in with something we fixed during the soak.  It was a
one-liner, seemed so innocent.  Who knew some JDKs weren't as smart as
others about StringBuffer behaviors?


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