[jdom-interest] Converting Java Objects to XML

Jeff Martin jeff at reportmill.com
Fri Oct 11 12:02:53 PDT 2002

I've written a great Java class (RMXMLWriter) that I invite you all to 
try out that turns any Java object (or object graph) into a complete 
XML description - including support for circular references, subclasses 
and more (only 600 lines!):


I would love to hear comments about it, or comments about my 
observations on that web page. I'm new to XML - I would even love to 
hear if I'm getting this stuff all wrong. At some point, I can release 
RMXMLReader, too - but right now it leverages a bit of code from the 
rest of my project.

In my opinion, this might make a good addition to JDOM.


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