[jdom-interest] List/Document - Document(java.util.List content)

yk at nyc.rr.com yk at nyc.rr.com
Tue Oct 8 20:47:05 PDT 2002


I searched for this last night, but had no luck.
So if I'm repeating a question I do apologize. Here it goes.

I'm using Jaxen/XPath, to query my XML docs.
However, the results are returned as a list. For some returns
the List value is fine, but some complex queries require the
List to be made back into jdom.Document or I into a string
format that retains the format, order, attributes that I can 
write into a session saved XML file to be used again.

I have tried to use jdom.Document(java.util.List content)
But I either get, Root element not set or There is already 
a root "root name". 

Any code refrences or some direction on what to read would 
be really helpful.

Thanks =)

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