[jdom-interest] printAdditionalNamespaces() in XMLOutputter

Keith M. Hughes sw at hideho.org
Wed Nov 20 03:38:08 PST 2002

Ah, yes. The essential tension in OO programming: supporting code reuse 
vs not committing to a particular implementation. I imagine it is 
particularly hard when designing a public library.

Well, I thought about it some more, tried a few things, and things can 
work as is for now. When I need the functionality, I will write my own 

Thanks for a great tool. JDOM and Jaxen made my life much easier.


>The problem with exposing internal methods as protected is that it
>really limits our ability to change how classes are implemented in the
>future.  If it was there as protected in 1.0 then that method would have
>to stick around forever with exactly the same semantics.  I think that's
>more than we should promise, don't you?  We've done it in other places,
>but I think it's a problem.

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