[jdom-interest] How do specify a DTD?

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Fri Nov 15 13:25:34 PST 2002

You can use an EntityResolver, but the easier way is to pass in
something other than a stream.  A stream naturally doesn't include
location information but a File does.  So pass in the file, and then the
parser can find resolve relative paths.


Kenneth Ellefsen wrote:
> Hi.
> If you have a xml file with a DOCTYPE tag specifying a dtd file, is it
> an absolute requirement that the dtd file must be in the same directory
> as the xml file?
> Or is it possible at run time to tell the builder where the dtd file is
> located?
> I tryed the following:
> FileInputStream file = new FileInputStream(m_filename);
> m_doc = builder.build( file, "/path/to/dtdfile/file.dtd")
> But is still fails with an Exception saying:
> External entity not found: "/path/to/dtdfile/file.dtd"
> Tips appreciated.
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