[jdom-interest] Converting JDOM and DOM Elements

Ian Lea ian at digimem.net
Thu Nov 14 02:09:54 PST 2002

To convert between the two use DOMBuilder and DOMOutputter.

Because DOM and JDOM are different APIs, an Element in each
is an instance of a different class.  Same underlying data
perhaps, but in a different representation.  Hope that helps.

ian at digimem.net

> ozemale at ozemail.com.au ("John C. Turnbull") wrote 
> We use JDOM internally for our configuration parameters and there is now the
> need to integrate the configuration parameters of log4j into our XML file.
> The log4j config data is represented in a DOM Element so we now need a means
> of converting a JDOM Element into a standard DOM Element.
> I am extremely new to JDOM so please excuse me if this is a lame question.
> Can anyone just basically explain the differences between DOM and JDOM
> Elements and how to convert between the two?
> Thanks,
> -JT

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