[jdom-interest] Well I've been FAQed

Malachi de AElfweald malachi at tremerechantry.com
Fri Nov 8 20:41:44 PST 2002

I believe doing that will require that
the dependant jars are in the same directory
as well....

Question, why not just drop jdom into JDK1.4
extension directory? Shouldn't even need xerces
then. And -jar should work.


11/8/2002 8:22:47 AM, Gordon Tyler <gordon.tyler at sitraka.com> wrote:

>Doug Robinson wrote:
>> Hello
>> 	As a newcommer to jdom I am stumbling around through the simplest things.
>> e.g.I run my test program and get thin message:
>>  java -jar MyMail.jar
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 
>> org/jdom/JDOMException
>>         at MyMail.MyMail.init(MyMail.java:13)
>>         at MyMail.MyMail.main(MyMail.java:31)
>Observe the following in the java executable documentation:
>Using the -jar command makes java ignore all other classpath settings 
>except what is specified in the JAR's manifest file.
>What I would recommend that you do is put all the JARs that MyMail.jar 
>requires in the same directory and add the following to MyMail.jar's 
>Class-Path: xerces.jar jdom.jar
>See the following for more information about the format of the JAR manifest:
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