[jdom-interest] IndexOutOfBoundsException Content List : With JDOM Beta 8 RC1

Raghavendra Reddy Gowkanapalli rgowka1 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 06:45:51 PST 2002

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 2, Size: 1

at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(ArrayList.java:508)

at java.util.ArrayList.get(ArrayList.java:320)

at org.jdom.ContentList.get(ContentList.java:527)

at org.jdom.ContentList$FilterList.get(ContentList.java:746)


I get the above error with JDOM Beta 8 RC1 and not with JDOM  Beta 7. 

Could you guys look into this error before releasing JDOM Beta 8?



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