[jdom-interest] A utility Element subclass and a request for API extension

Les Hill leh at galaxynine.com
Thu Mar 21 10:51:28 PST 2002

jhunter at servlets.com writes:
> Have you thought about just using the ""+ trick?

Actually, yes.  Using "" + is better than:

setAttribute("myFloat", Float.toString(someFloat));

But suffers from the same problem in the long run.  Doing it once or twice
or ten times is OK, scattering it everywhere begs for a cleaner solution.

> It's not too bad, and probably nicer than making Element larger.  One
> goal of JDOM is simplicity.

Not to beat a dead horse, but simplicity does not imply minimalism.

I would argue that extending the API to include utility methods providing
*exactly* the same intention+ with similar but not the same signatures, does
not introduce complexity and promotes use.

As an example of how this kind of utility method is useful, I recently
switched over to 1.4 and started using the 1.4 logging instead of log4j.
Both have the generic log method (signatures not exactly correct for

log.log(Level level, String msg)

which writes the message to the log at the specified level.  Both also have
utility methods of the form:

log.warning(String msg)

which writes the msg to the log at a warning level.  However, when it comes
to exceptions, the log system in 1.4 only provides the generic method:

log.log(Level level, String msg, Throwable thrown)

while log4j provides the generic and the various utility methods:

log.warning(String msg, Throwable thrown)

No difference in functionality: in either case the message is written with a
stack trace at the given level.  Amazing difference in daily ease of use.

I offer this as a suggestion as a user of JDOM who is not trying to
manipulate XML documents per se, but rather as a user who is using XML as an
adjunct to everyday applications where attributes are regularly a native
Java type instead of String.

+ In this case setting the value of an attribute -- this would be opposed to
overridden signatures that change intended behaviors.


Les Hill
leh at galaxynine.com

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