[jdom-interest] Re: German Umlaute

manos laliotis elaliotis at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 19 13:33:58 PST 2002

You need ISO-8859-1 (ISO-Latin-1)


Jason Hunter wrote:
 > Forwarding to the right list.
 > -jh-
 > Uli Waibel wrote:
 >>what encoding do I have to define if I have german Umlaute like 
ä,ö,ü, ...
 >>With encoding style UTF-8 I get the error invalid unicode character 
in line
 >>xxx of document yyy.
 >>One more problem. I am receiving xml documents created by an VB.net
 >>application. By default, vb.net use encoding UTF-16, which results in an
 >>invalid encoding type in document xxx.
 >>Does JDOM (I am using the default XERCES XML parser) not support UTF-16 ?
 >>Any help is apreciated
 >>Regards Uli Waibel
 >>JAVA Developer
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