[jdom-interest] strange compile error/classpath issue

Patrick Dowler patrick.dowler at nrc.ca
Mon Mar 18 17:16:59 PST 2002

JDOM: beta8 rc1 
JDK: 1.3.1 (blackdown) on linux

When I compile a simple application, I get the compile error 

	Class org.xml.sax.InputSource not found

on the second line of 

	SAXBuilder buildler = new SAXBuilder();
	Document doc = builder.build( file );

unless I have an XML parser (xerces.jar, for example) in the classpath. It compiles fine with
ant, presumably because it includes crimson.jar in the classpath. 

Why should I need to have this in my classpath to compile? According to the javadocs for
jdom-b8-rc1, the build() method is overloaded to to take an org.xml.sax.InputSource, which is
where I'm thinking the problem lies... despite the fact that I'm using the build(File) method.

Is this a compiler bug? feature?


Patrick Dowler
Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
National Research Council
Victoria, BC

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