Antwort: Re: [jdom-interest] JDOM and Xerces-J 2.0.1

Hans Prüller hans.prueller at
Thu Mar 14 23:45:40 PST 2002

I had a problem validating xml docs against schemas, but luckily it was a
with xerces and NOT jdom itself and I could solve it yesterday browsing the
xerces site....

I also upgraded from jdom-b7 to b8 yesterday and it just went FINE !!!


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Xerces 2.0.0 worked fairly well for me in the past, with the Xerces bugs
I found listed in the TODO file for future reference.  Please explain
what's going wrong.


Hans Prüller wrote:
> hi guys,
> i can't bring xerces-j 2.0.1 to work with jdom but have no problems with
> 1.4.4
> are there any jdom-sided differences between 1.4 and 2.0 ???
> regards,
> hans
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