[jdom-interest] performance on tonights CVS

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Thu Mar 14 21:08:49 PST 2002

> Seems the most substantial cause for a slowdown is the 
> addition of the Verifier checking every character now to 
> ensure it's legal.  That's something I had held off 
> including, but it snuck in along with the Text class.  It's 
> correct to do, but there's a substantial performance price.

Get rid of the test.  Perhaps leave it commented out and put a comment in
the method so somebody could rebuild it with the check in, but I'll bet it
doesn't happen too often.

Out project goals were lighter, faster with an easier but still with a
correct api.  These goals are not totally compatible it would seem but I
think the lighter, faster and easier is more important for most of us.

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