[jdom-interest] beta8 and JDK1.1

PJ Fanning pj.fanning at XIAM.com
Thu Mar 14 08:48:09 PST 2002

I've tried building a JDK1.1 version of JDOM beta8 RC1. There are problems
with 3 classes. Could someone have a think about the best solution?

(1) SAXHandler uses the method StringBuffer.substring(int) in
This method was only introduced in JDK1.2.
Could we replace
        String data = textBuffer.substring(0);
        String data = textBuffer.toString();

(2) ContentList has a child class FilterListIterator and this has static
This is not allowed in JDK1.1.
I have temporarily moved this members to the parent class. A tidier solution
might be to make FilterListIterator a public class.

(3) XMLOutputter has a child class Filter and this has static members
Similar problem and similar solution to (2) above.


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