[jdom-interest] XML variables

Benjamin Kopic ben at kopic.org
Mon Mar 4 14:50:53 PST 2002

Why not use Entity References? As far as I know &name; is same as ${name}
You can declare entities in DocType object. The only difference is that you
can declare property anywhere you wish in a buildfile and with proper XML
you can only declare them in the DOOCTYPE section.

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> Hi, I'm using JDOM to access an XML document I have created.  In
> this XML document I have would like to create a variable for a string
> I use throughout the document rather than type it each time.  The
> effect I would like to achieve is the same as that which is used
> in ANT build.xml files where the xml element "property" has a name
> and a value.  Thereafter the property is referred as "${name}".
> How is this acheived and can are there any "shortcuts" to doing so
> using JDOM?  XML does not provide for a way to create variables like
> this does it?  Or is it entirely up to the code that interprets the
> XML to flag such "property" elements and create the variables?
> Thanks for any pointers,
> Craig R.
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