[jdom-interest] Split document output

Camille Troillard camille at odaiko.com
Mon Mar 4 04:24:06 PST 2002


I think you need to use something less "high-level" than JDOM.
You should take a look at SAX compliant parsers (please correct me if I 
am wrong or not precise enough.)

SAX is an XML parser specification based on event sending, that is why 
you can handle very big files with SAX.  On the other hand, DOM "needs" 
to load the whole model into memory which is best for small documents.


On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 12:37 PM, BOROVOY Noam wrote:

> I'm a JDOM newbie, and have run into the following problem:
> At times I need to generate very large XML documents (100's of megs) -
> therefore making creating the full document tree in memory not 
> practical -
> what I would like is to be able to output the document's opening tags, 
> then
> generate and output a large number of elements one by one, and then 
> output
> the closing tags of the document.
> As is this does not seem possible with JDOM - so I need to "hard code" 
> the
> opening and closing portions of the document and root element.
> Any ideas welcome...
> Thanks,
> Noam
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