[jdom-interest] jdom should allow unescaped values at the per Element level

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at mac.com
Sat Jul 27 19:11:03 PDT 2002

Is there some way to use the same trick that most websites use for 
spaces, etc. I don't know the exact form at the moment, but isn't there 
something with a % and a hex code? Would that work?


On Saturday, July 27, 2002, at 01:42  PM, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

> At 11:55 AM -0400 7/27/02, Phillip Rhodes wrote:
>> The URL's do not work properly if they have the ampersands escaped. 
>> They work fine if they are unescaped.
>> http://test?x=x&x=1&x=2 		works fine
>> http://test?x=x&x=1&x=2     Does not work
> Then the process which is reading these URLs is broken. What is it? a 
> browser? Which one? If this browser purports to support XHTML, you 
> should report a bug to the browser vendor.
>> My question is, how can I represent a URL in xhtml without the 
>> ampersands being escaped and have it still be valid xml?
> You can't. Not only is this invalid. It is malformed.
>> I believe JDOM should provide a means to disable output escaping on 
>> the per Element instance level.  The default could be "false".
> You could probably do this as a subclass, but I would oppose it as part 
> of the core. Your problem is not JDOM. It has never been JDOM. Your 
> problem is some other piece of software which does not adhere to the 
> XHNTML specification and needs to be fixed.  JDOM should not change to 
> work around others' bugs and misconceptions. It correctly implements 
> XML 1.0, and the problems you are having are because something else 
> does not. The soemthing else, whatever it is, needs to change, not JDOM.
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