[jdom-interest] url as attribute value changes & to &

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Sat Jul 27 09:16:31 PDT 2002

Wouldn't extending XMLOutputter and overriding escapeAttributeEntities
work in your situation?

    public MyNonXMLOutputter extends XMLOutputter {

        public MyNonXMLOutputter() {
            setOmitDeclaration(true); // Don't want to say we're a XML
                                      // document when we're NOT!

        public String escapeAttributeEntities(String value) {
            // Return value "as is".
            return value;

Now obviously MyNonXMLOutputter doesn't output XML (because it doesn't escape
attribute values properly), but that's between you and the people you
work with :) IMHO, though, the prefered solution would be a xslt transform.


Phillip Rhodes writes:

> I understand your point, that it is invalid to have an unescaped ampersand 
> as an attribute value in xml.
> But I'm stuck now.  Looking for some ideas.  I am using jdom to build a 
> html page.  So currently, there is no process that will unescape the 
> ampersands.
> Are you saying write string search and replace program?  This feels kind of 
> wrong.
> Just hoping to get some ideas.  I am going to investigate doing it in an 
> xsl stylesheet after output from jdom.

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