[jdom-interest] jdom should allow unescaped values at the per Element level

Phillip Rhodes spamsucks at rhoderunner.com
Sat Jul 27 08:55:13 PDT 2002

I posted this previously under a different title.  I have spent a good many 
hours since my last post and haven't gotten anywhere.  Hopefully this new 
title, and new write-up will stimulate some thoughts.  Thanks!

I have an well formed xhml document (thanks to jdom).
In the document, I have "img" elements that have a "src" attribute.
The attribute value of the "src" attribute is a URL.
The URL has ampersands in it.  For it to be a valid XML document, all the 
ampersands are escaped as &

The URL's do not work properly if they have the ampersands escaped.  They 
work fine if they are unescaped.

http://test?x=x&x=1&x=2 		works fine
http://test?x=x&x=1&x=2     Does not work

My question is, how can I represent a URL in xhtml without the ampersands 
being escaped and have it still be valid xml?

 From my point of view right now:  I think there are two scenarios when 
jdom should be able to output unescaped text and for the document to still 
be considered "valid xml"

One point is in a CDATA element.  Which, of course, jdom does now.
The second time would be in an XSL construct,
<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"></xsl:text>

If one were building an XSL document with jdom, and created an "text" 
element in the xsl namepace with the "disable-output-escaping" attribute 
set to yes, how would we be able to add content to this text element 
without escaping?  There is no such means to achieve this in JDOM.

I believe JDOM should provide a means to disable output escaping on the per 
Element instance level.  The default could be "false".

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