[jdom-interest] New Document class not backward compatible

daves.subscriptions at SAFe-mail.net daves.subscriptions at SAFe-mail.net
Tue Jul 23 07:11:30 PDT 2002

> JDOM is still a beta product and not guaranteed
> to be backwards compatible.

The operative word there is *still*.  How long's it been?  2 years?

Being beta does not mean it can't subscribe to good programming practice.  If you declare a Java class as Serializable, add a static serialVersionUID and if any incompatible changes are made to the data of the class, resolve them in the read/writeObject methods, updating the UID.

It's too late for me now, but it is an easy thing to add from here on out.  Who knows, some day JDOM might actually be released.  ;-)

-- Dave

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