[jdom-interest] XPath package build 2, with fix

Xuemin Guan xuemin at appresso.com
Wed Jul 17 00:44:59 PDT 2002

The following is my fix to the build.xml. It is only concerned with the 
"Compiles the source directory" section.

The attachment is the full build.xml I am using now.

=================================================================== -->
   <!-- Compiles the source directory 
=================================================================== -->
   <target name="compile" depends="prepare-src,collections">
     <javac srcdir="${build.src}"
       <!-- <exclude name="**/Jaxen*" unless="jaxen.present"/> comment 
out by Xuemin Guan xuemin at appresso.com-->
       <!-- the classpath is added by Xuemin Guan xuemin at appresso.com -->
	<fileset dir="${lib.dir}">
	  <include name="*.jar" />
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