[jdom-interest] New benchmark

KUMAR,PANKAJ (HP-Cupertino,ex1) pankaj_kumar at hp.com
Tue Jul 2 23:22:40 PDT 2002

Hi Alex,

Thanks for looking at xpb4j !!

As you may have seen in an earlier mail of mine, I was using an indexed
traversal to traverse through children of a node and that apparently is a
particularly slow operation. Ref:

This, ofcourse, does not mean that the issue you are referring to would not
improve performance even more. I would be curious to run xpb4j with


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> http://xmlhack.com/read.php?item=1706
> Interesting reading.  JDOM's looking pretty good (and that's
> particularly impressive since b8 had the StringBuffer
> performance bug).
> But look at the last chart.  There's clearly some bug there we need to
> track down!

Great article!

I think that last problem is exactly the beta8 StringBuffer issue. When
parsing large files, the particular way we used StringBuffer meant that the
GC had a really hard time reclaiming the char arrays that it threw off, even
though there weren't reachable. I remember looking at it in Optimize-It, and
all of these char arrays were still being held on to, by references that
were called... I forget, some name that implied that they were ready for
freeing, but hadn't actually been freed. We fixed this a few days after beta
8, and it caused the parse time on Dennis' much_ado.xml file (198K) to be
reduced by an order of magnitude, if I remember correctly.


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