[jdom-interest] JDOM and Oracle V2 Parser

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Tue Jul 2 16:23:14 PDT 2002

Well, the bug only happens when taking a DOM built by the Oracle parser
and passing it to JDOM for conversion.  So it seems a proper workaround
would be to simply remove the <?xml?> PI from the DOM tree before
passing it to the DOMBuilder.  This won't work if you're using
DOMBuilder to build from a file, but you really shouldn't ever do that. 
Does that help?


Andrew Schneider wrote:
> I have already CC'ed a response to the mailing list regarding this.  I screwed up, and I meant to say IllegalTargetException, not IllegalAccessException.  Sorry.  So, the question is, I wanted to know if there was a work around when using the DOM parser (via the OracleV2DOMAdaptor) for Oracle for the IllegalTargetException issue (I know it is an Oracle bug, but we really cannot use a different parser).
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> >>> Jason Hunter <jhunter at servlets.com> 07/02/02 02:01PM >>>
> > We are evaluating JDOM to utilize on a project.  It has been decided to use Oracle's parser here on the project (it is a full Oracle shop from database to app server).  I have read through the archives about the issue regarding IllegalAccessException and the reasons behind why it is occurring.  My question is, is there a work around to this, so we can use JDOM in conjunction with the Oracle Parser?  I searched the archives, but could find nothing addressing this.
> I don't remember the issue.  Are you hitting it?
> > Also, since we will be using the Oracle parser exclusively, will there be any need to have the xerces.jar in the classpath?
> Nope, no need.
> -jh-
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