[jdom-interest] JDOM usage of List class issue (continued - pressed Send key erroneously)

Steve Callaway sjc at easynet.co.uk
Tue Jul 2 01:04:47 PDT 2002


(...apologies for spurious transmit of previous message)

I have successfully installed xerces.jar, built some elementary SAX & DOM classes.Now I would like to use JDOM. In theory it looks an excellent resolution to a number of problems which confront me. However, I am having a number of problems with it, principally related to Java's List Class usage in JDOM modules. The sort of problem which I have occurs when I integrate JDOM into my application. 

I have a very simple class which basically mounts SAXBuilder, calls the build method and then uses XMLOutputter to process the output. It is largely XMLWriter.java but renamed to avoid conflicts with my own XMLWriter class (which I will deprecate when I get this JDOM stuff to work!).

The sort of error which I get is like this.

    C:\JAVA_XML>javac XMLPrinter.java
    XMLPrinter.java:21: cannot access com.sun.java.util.collections.List
    file com\sun\java\util\collections\List.class not found
            fmt.output(doc, System.out);
    1 error

Similarly if I try and run build on JDOM, I get a number of errors relating to java.util.List. I use java.util.List fairly extensively in my other apps and don't seem to have any particular problems. Any bright ideas anyone? Otherwise I seem condemned to writing SAX and DOM calls forever....

kind rgds

Steve Callaway

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