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Dan Chisholm danchisholm2 at attbi.com
Mon Jul 1 19:44:17 PDT 2002

I've been studying for the java programmer certification exam and I've been looking for an interesting opportunity to use JDOM.  As a means of doing both simultaneously, I've developed a web page that offers a mock exam for the programmer certification.  I developed all of the questions in a set of XML documents--one for each topic.  I used JDOM to load the questions into memory and reorganize them into a set of three exams with twenty questions each.  Questions from each topic are shuffled after being loaded into memory and then are distributed equally between the three exams.  Each of the three exams is shuffled again before being written out to the exam1.xml, exam2.xml, and exam3.xml files.  XSLT is then used to transform each exam.xml file into two html files--exam.html and answers.html.  By using JDOM, it is very easy to organize new revisions of the exams as new questions are added. 


If you are studying for the Java programmer certification, the please take a look at my mock exam and let me know what you think.  If you know anyone that is studying for the certification, then please pass on the URL.

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