[jdom-interest] DOCTYPE still giving me the worst headache!

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Wed Jan 30 14:24:31 PST 2002

Jason Hunter wrote:
> Lots of tests fail with the message "implement me!" so things look worse
> than they are.

Do you have some tests other than what's in jdom-test? I get 17 errors
in TestVerifier (from the SAX build in it's setup method) and the 7
failures I mention earlier

Elliotte Rusty Harold writes:
> Given that, it is not possible to build the tests. I note that 
> Bradley S. Huffman's exact keystrokes did not show him doing a clean 
> build of jdom-contrib so he might have an old version of that hanging 
> around from when it would compile, and that's why he can run the 
> tests and I can't.

Let me search my memory, yep, back in Nov. I had to change a few lines 
in jdom-contrib to get jdom-test to compile and jdom-contrib been hanging
around in my classpath since then.

Your it should be fixed, and if someone doing to touch the src, should junit
be updated?  I think they (junit) had to change assert to assertTrue for


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