[jdom-interest] JDOM extensions

Trimmer, Todd todd.trimmer at trizetto.com
Fri Jan 25 10:41:33 PST 2002

I'm sure that by now many developers using JDOM have come up with their own
extension functions/classes. An extension function would be a static method
on a library class containing virtually all static methods. An example:

 * Copy attributes from one <CODE>Element</CODE> to another, overriding
 * the target's attribute value with the source's on an attribute name
 * collision.
 * @param src <CODE>Element</CODE> to copy attributes from
 * @param target <CODE>Element</CODE> to copy attributes to
 * @return the modified target <CODE>Element</CODE>
public static Element copyAttributes(Element src, Element target)

Is there a common repository for code like this? A place where developers
can exchange thoughts on what extension functions can eventually evolve to a
standard package like org.jdom.extensions?

Todd Trimmer

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