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Mani Doraisamy MDoraisamy at SELECTICA.com
Tue Jan 22 04:54:54 PST 2002

i overide getDocument() and setDocument(doc) methods in the element so that
the element behaves like 
a root node. So you can use xpath relatively from the element directly using
jaxen .
i dont know if this affects anything else. but works fine for me

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Dear All, 

I have been looking to use XPath within JDOM to stop code bloat (i.e.
instead of calling getchild repeatedly). I have noted the werken, Jaxen &
SaxPath code. 

A) werken seems to be deprecated in favour of the other 2. 
B) I note from the JDOM home page that 1.1 is oging to be doing XPath. 

What do people here recomend (a) between the 2 existing non-deprecated code
bases & (b) relative to "native JDOM" stuff if one was looking to put some
XPATH stuff into a piece of code which at the moment uses JDOM exclusively
for XML manipulation/interaction.

Wait? Go with Jaxen? 

It isn't a killer but it's tedious to know exactly where in the tree I want
to be & thus to have to call getRoot followed by many getChild statements
(or one long one).


Adam Flinton 
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