[jdom-interest] Bye bye JBuilder 5?

Patrick Refondini patrick.refondini at JPNet.ch
Mon Jan 21 03:10:33 PST 2002

using JDOM beta7 in JBuilder5 I am able to process XSLT transformations 
without problems.

While defining a project in the JBuilder IDE you can take advantage of 
libraries defined at three levels : Project, User Home, JBuilder.

The JBuilder libraries are used by the IDE itself, JDOM being one of them.

While defining a project you can add JBuilder own libraries to your 
project but it is not automatic. For instance JDOM, is available as a 
JBuilder own library, but you can as well define JDOMB7 in the User Home 
or Project libraries and use it instead in your developments.

By the way the IDE libraries can be used or not in project development 
but should obviously never being replaced.
That is what I understood the comment at  
http://www.visi.com/~gyles19/fom-serve/cache/284.html  means :
class path
" (...) You should not make any changes to *any* jar files or library 
definitions stored within jbuilder5/lib because these jars are on 
JBuilder's own . Any jars you provide yourself should be elsewhere. (...) "

Regards , Patrick

Bilton, Sasha wrote:

>I'm getting the dreaded NoSuchMethodException when trying to transform a
>JDOM Document using the XSLT Transform example in beta 7 under _JBUILDER 5_
>(it works in shell). I've got the b7 version of xerces.jar as the very first
>.jar in class path, followed by xalan, jdom (beta 7), crimson and jaxp.
>Looking at the FAQ I found this...
>Anyone know if this is causing the NoSuchMethodException I seeing? If so I
>assume I'll have to drop running my code through JBuilder?
>Many thanks in advance
>Sasha Bilton
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