[jdom-interest] Should I convert to/from org.jdom.Document

Anthony Eden aeden at signaturedomains.com
Sat Jan 19 05:07:40 PST 2002

I primarily use JDOM for loading configuration data.  To that end I have
a Configuration interface and then one of the concrete implementations
wraps a JDOM document.  The interface includes methods like
getChildren(), getChildValue(), getValue(), etc.  I can then use
different implementations (such as pull data from a database) very
Anthony Eden

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I have a quick design question for the group. When using an XML parser
such as JDOM, is it better for the application to work directly with the
document tree (such as org.jdom.Document) or should it use an
application specific model and convert to/from the document tree? What
are the pros/cons of the two approaches, where does one make sense over
the other?

Naresh Bhatia 

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