[jdom-interest] JDom 2 Dom, then Dom 2 JDom

Xuemin Guan xuemin at appresso.com
Thu Jan 17 22:40:18 PST 2002

Thanks a lot for the reply. The JDom goes with our product now,
and soon, the product will be released. So, I am wondering if
anyone will get it fixed?

Best Regards,

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> At 3:58 AM +0900 1/18/02, Xuemin Guan wrote:
> >?I posted this problem a few months ago, but, it seems this
> >problem remains(BTW, I checked out the CVS today).
> >
> >The problem: when convert between a JDom tree and a DOM
> >tree, if you convert the DOM tree which is converted from a JDom tree,
> >back to a JDom tree, exception happens. I played with a few XML files.
> >While some files are OK, some are not. It seems the one which has
> >an explicit namespace does not convert while. However, if you serialize
> >the DOM tree to a harddisk, then build a JDom tree from this file, then
> >everything is OK.
> I'll have to look at the JDOM code, but based on your report I can
> take a pretty good guess as to what's happening. Probabaly when JDOM
> is building a DOM tree it attaches namespaces to various elements and
> attributes but does not put explicit namespace declaration Attr nodes
> in the DOM document. It should do this. DOM, unlike JDOM, requires
> both namespaces on the elements and namespace declaration attributes
> on the elements. The DOM serializers are smart enough to handle this
> and insert xmlns attributes where necessary, but the JDOM DOMBuilder
> code probably isn't. Anyway, that's my guess.
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