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I'm CC'ing this to the JDOM list in case anyone else is confused....
A) Website - 
The main bulk of the code is known as XMLDBMS and a bunch of the docs can be
found at:
http://www.rpbourret.com/xmldbms/ <http://www.rpbourret.com/xmldbms/> 
There is CVS run through SourceForge (you can find all the links on the web
page). This code won't be there yet (I think) because I tend to pass
everything through Ron Bourret so he can look at it first before it's loaded
to CVS.
B) org.xmlmiddleware.*  This is the new code base/area for the new (version
2 (including the mapbuilder & thus the JDOMTreeModel)) code. I think we'll
get a www.xmlmiddleware.org <http://www.xmlmiddleware.org>  website as soon
as either Ron & I can find the time (it's competing with work & Version 2
coding so don't hold your breath). I may well be getting ADSL pretty soon so
I might host it myself (if that was OK with Ron).
C) No there was no code attachments because unless they're very small I
dislike doing that on a mailing list as it can bog down the mailing group
We have a newsgroup on news.barkto.com. This is not a USENET server. There
are other (very entertaining) newsgroups there.
The support ng is: 
I have placed the code in the binaries newsgroup which is specifically for
large files (again I dislike shoving code onto normal (text) newgroups).
This is to be found at :
Look in there for a posting entitled:
"XMLDBMS Mapbuilder Alpha 1"
You should find the code attached to it.

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I noticed there was a reference to org.xmlmiddleware.* but I could not find
a website. Did your e-mail originally contain an attachment (code)? I
searched the JDOM archives and did not see any indication of an attachment
on the original e-mail.

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