[jdom-interest] beta8-dev

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Tue Jan 15 10:14:11 PST 2002

> I've had a few problems with beta8-dev, nothing major. I got the latest
> nightly source drop.

Cool, thanks for giving it a whirl.

> Firstly, Text.getValue() has been dropped which means
> that code written for beta8 will not work with a beta7 version of
> Since beta7 is in wide usage, it might prove useful if this method was
> deprecated in beta8.

If I remember correctly, the Text class was just a proposal in beta7 - it
existed but was not actually used anywhere. Therefore we didn't worry about
deprecating anything. Were you actually using it for something useful.

> Secondly, I built the JDK1.1 version (using JDK1.1.7b)
> and tested it using JDK1.3 and got a java.lang.VerifyError:
> java.lang.VerifyError: (class: org/jdom/FilterList$FilterListIterator,
> method: remove signature: ()V) Illegal use of nonvirtual function call
> Does this mean anything to anyone?

Searching for that error message in Google, I found these two interesting


This tells me that some compilers (such as the JDK 1.1 javac) generated the
wrong code, but JRE 1.1 didn't complain. But JRE 1.2 does complain. So, in
general it sounds like you can't compile some code with javac 1.1 and run it
on JRE 1.2 or later. The solution would probably be to compile using the
fixed JDK 1.2 (or later) compiler, using the "-target 1.1" option, right?


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