[jdom-interest] Help! SAXParserFactory causing Security exception in Microsoft Java VM

Jake Latham mrjones at holly.colostate.edu
Thu Jan 10 13:59:15 PST 2002

Hiya all, I'm really hoping you can offer me a hand with this problem.

I'm having a problem with SAXParserFactory causing a security exception in
Microsoft Internet Explorer, using JDOM b7.

here is the error string it spits out:

ory.newInstance]: Unable to access system property:
 at com/ms/security/permissions/PropertyPermission.check
 at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.shallowCheck (PolicyEngine.java)
 at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.checkCallersPermission (PolicyEngine.java)
 at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.chk
 at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.checkPropertyAccess
 at java/lang/System.getProperty (System.java)
 at javax/xml/parsers/SAXParserFactory.newInstance
 at java/lang/reflect/Method.invoke (Method.java)
 at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.createParser (SAXBuilder.java)
 at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.build (SAXBuilder.java)
 at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.build (SAXBuilder.java)
 at aim/AIMPanel.parseXML (AIMPanel.java:673)
 at aim/AIMPanel.serverCall (AIMPanel.java:486)
 at aim/LogicalAIM.<init> (LogicalAIM.java:62)
 at aim/AIMPanel.customInitialize (AIMPanel.java:1595)
 at shout3d/Shout3DPanel.n (Shout3DPanel.java)
 at shout3d/Shout3DPanel.run (Shout3DPanel.java)
 at java/lang/Thread.run (Thread.java)

Using Microsoft's VM, this error results in a NullPointer
Exception further down, causing the app to quit.

in, it reports the error but continues to run.

in, no errors are reported at all.

Do you guys have any idea what's going on and why, and what I might be able
to do to correct this?

Any help is greatly appreciated...


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