[jdom-interest] Re: New realease, Text class... Arghh

phil at triloggroup.com phil at triloggroup.com
Wed Jan 9 12:38:49 PST 2002

Thanks for your answer, Alex.

>>>...this *is* a beta...we can't please both the people that want it stable, and the people that want it right<<<
Yes it is beta, and now near Beta 8. The biggest pb with JDOM is that it is still in beta and nothing seems to be
stable. For my point of view, you cannot change some design in beta, you call that 0.5, 0.6... get feed back.
I think that now a deadline should be fixed and a 1.0 released.

>>>Jason/Brett, do you have Phil's patch<<<
I posted one months ago but it is now out of date. Hoppefully, I maintain my own set of source code with that patch. I
can upload it.

>>>I agree that it would be a cleaner (and less error-prone) implementation to
have the main Element backing lists be the "gatekeepers"...It's still not 100% clean<<<
That's true. But do you think that adding an element to the filtered list is also clean? Because the actual list
contains mixed content, you may not insert it at the position you want and directly dealing with the backinglist is
really safer.
Again, I can do that job on lists and upload it very soon. Just need the approval of the committee.

>>>I'm not sure I get your third point about Filter iterators<<<
Look at the FilterListIterator implementation and all the suff it has to do... In most case, we want to browse the list
without dealing with data change. In fact, we does'nt need a ListIterator, simply an Iterator.

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