[jdom-interest] Applets and the <object> tag

Godbey, David DAVID.J.GODBEY at saic.com
Mon Jan 7 13:09:06 PST 2002

There is a group of web developers at my site doing some really cool stuff
with Internet Explorer and Java Script. For example, they can create an html
table with a bound XML package, the headers are active with resorting (via
xslt) on a header. Each cell can provide dropdowns or other html controls.

The code these guys create is some of the most gawdawful ugly stuff you ever
saw. Ugly not because of their level of talent (at least I don't thing:) but
because they are doing this rather complex stuff with scripting language.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the applet in an object tag (to get JDK>1.1.5)
could interact with the web page (like the applet) tag so that the power of
JDom (and other XML java technologies) could be brought to bear in the
browser itself. 

Netscape 6 seems to be failing...

...is anyone making any noise about this in the Java community?

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