[jdom-interest] FilterList and Filter

Kevin Jones kevinj at develop.com
Mon Jan 7 07:23:01 PST 2002

OK I can understand that.

So why make them public classes and interfaces and not package private?

Kevin Jones

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> > I assumed that I could call getChildren and then apply a 
> filter to the 
> > returned FilterList. But I can't do this. So I was 
> wondering what the 
> > purpose of Filter and FilterList were and where I would use them.
> FilterList is a List which can be Filtered (sorry I could'nt resist!).
> FilterList there in order to wrap an arraylist containg live 
> data and only allow certain operations on the live data based 
> on the Filter.
> All of the Filters required for normal JDOM operation have 
> already been written.
> As for where you would you them, normally never. Unless you 
> have a special requirement. 
> --Jools

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