[jdom-interest] Problems with '<' and '>' in element.addConte

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Wed Jan 2 05:00:22 PST 2002

> "But im not certain JDOM is good for html as valid html is not
> nesesarily  valid xml."
> yes. i accept that. But is there a better way of converting JDOM to
> HTML ?  I am not convinced with converting JDOM to streamsource and
> coverting into  HTML using XSLT. how much is the performance loss ?
> Is there a native XSLT for JDOM available ?
> thanks,
> mani

There is a XSLT source subclass/implementation that allows you to feed it
a JDOM document directectly. I think it is called JDOMSource. I think it 
was in org.jdom.transform package. I used in a project a while ago and it 
was quite a lot faster than using streamsource when you already had a JDOM 


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